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Micah, Tigers, and Dakota Fanning??

Dream #607/8/9

Background: Having dream about Micah is nothing new- wouldn’t you dream about your fiance? Where these other dreams came from, you’re guess is as good as mine!

Dream #607

I can’t tell if I’m asleep or awake, but my eye lids are heavy and I keep telling myself to keep them shut. I roll over and sense someone laying next to me. I touch his back with me hand and know its Micah (my eyes are still shut). I can feel his warmth and run my fingers through his hair. I am pretty sure at this point that I am dreaming, but it feels so real I tell myself to keep my eyes closed (I don’t get to see Micah for another 2 weeks, so this is a pretty nice dream!). I wake up shortly after and fall back to sleep….or rather, I think I wake up, but I’m not sure…..

Dream #608

We’re staying in a victorian house in an area with a huge front lawn and a forest behind (much like my Aunt Teresa’s house!). My whole family is there along with-Dakota Fanning?? She’s about 8 years old and feels like a really close friend to me. She and I did everything together, but this day something was wrong. 

Tigers were attacking! Suddenly, our house was WAY bigger! Like, a complex size. The tigers were invading this building and were attacking anyone (now here is where it gets weird) the same size as them. So, if a big tiger found a littler girl, it wouldn’t attack. But a little tiger would! Oh, and another thing- if the tigers got you, you became a man-eating tiger too. Kinda like zombies! But better looking. There were a couple of doberman dogs running with the tigers too- I think they were hunting the humans so the tigers could attack? Anyway, there were some people who got mauled and others who made it out. Thankfully, my dreams range in the PG/PG-13 categories, so I knew people died, but I never actually watched them get torn apart! After a time, I found myself with my sister, brother, and mom in an apartment. Dad wasn’t with us, but he was safe (i’m not even sure he was in the building! So he was very safe). I’m lying on the bed and Dakota pops-up (literally! She wasn’t there one minute, and the next she was!). She’s lying on a bed with a blanket over her looking like she has a super high fever.  I’m weary about her, because she was missing and somehow I feel she’s connected to these tigers. I lay down next to her and try to make her feel better, but notice these dark hives starting to appear on her skin. “What is this? Are you allergic to the medicine?” apparently, we gave her some fever reducers or something. The hives look familiar, and as I stare at them, I realize they aren’t hives- their spot, like on a leopard. They started small, but as I watched Dakota, they spots started to grow and I realized she was the one leading this Tiger Attack!

Dream #609

This dream started out like a commercial for a new movie. With an announcer and screen cuts and everything!

Join a young girl as she discovers friends in a far off land! <- _announcer’s voice_ A girl had just jumped into a book _(yes)_ and is in a fairy tail land. She comes up to this tree that looks like a house _(gold light through the windows and all)_ and these butterflies and fairies fly in and start talking to her. She’s a sweet, innocent girl who has a hard time making friends in her world, but she’s getting along great with these fairy tale creatures. Next thing I know, the scene is full of dark clouds and an evil _(fantasy evil)_ feeling. The girl has a dog by her side and a dragon (_a smallish dragon)_ as her companions. They’re walking along this path that takes them over lots of green hills when suddenly, a black tiger (not unlike the neopet tiger) appears on a hill, trailing behind him was black smoke. He could fly, as apparently all the animals could, but there this tiger had a black smoke trail instead of a (wait for it) rainbow. Again, I don’t know where I come up with this stuff. The girl sees the tiger, who is now looking into the sky, and follows his gaze. She spots a Pegasus in the air who’s rainbow trail is being turned into black smoke clouds and realized this tiger is the one who’s been turning the fairy land evil.


Then I wake up to find out its nearly 10AM! I haven’t slept in that late in years!

*The formatting is all weird on the last dream. Tumblr glitch!

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Zombie Apocalypse and Empty House

Dream #604 - 606

Background: The day before I was thinking of our old house on C Ave, and I am going through a rough time with a friend (for this post her name is Nicky). Why I thought of Zombies, I have now idea!

Much like when I played Assassins in school, the development of this game asked for people to turn in an application with several full-body shots and whether you would like to be on the Zombie side or the Hero side. Then, the game creators would create the Zombies or Heros to look just like those people! Somehow, when I get to play the game, I’m not holding a controller. No, I’m actually in the game! 

I’m standing in a dark alley with a tall, wood fence on my left and behind it is what looks like a complex tree house with multiple levels and corridors. My mission: find and kill any and all zombies.

Suddenly, I’m on one of the levels looking over the edge to a platform just below me. A zombie hobbles out and I jump on its back. Everything is snarls and wails as I literally beat the thing to death with my hands and a metal bar I had. The next thing I know, I’m running around a corner into a broad alley and see a zombie stand there- who looks like a friend from school! I feel slightly panicky, but remind myself that its only a game…right? The zombie must have read my thoughts because the next thing I know, she’s standing upright talking like a normal person and explaining the rules about the game, and stuff.

Dream #605

The next thing I know, I’m crossing the street with my work-out gear under my arm. I just finished a work out and am headed back inside our house on C. There must have been some celebration/parade that evening because the living room was full of people. I walk in and say hi to everyone as I walk towards my room to drop off my gear. I catch the eye of a friend who, in reality, I was supposed to meet with the next day. We both look at each other and sense a sadness and longing in our eyes, but I can’t stop walking. 

Dream #606

I’m walking down the hallway, but suddenly I’m not in my house in C anymore. This house feels like its for sale- there’s nothing inside the rooms. The hallway leads to a flight of steep stairs going into the attic. I climb all the way up and just behind me, when I reach the top, is a loft area with a bed. I don’t remember ever seeing a bed like that before, but somehow the whole place has a familiar feeling….

I wake up before I can figure it out -_-

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Muppet Mayhem and Stingray Blackmarket

Dream # 504

Its been a while since I’ve posted any new dreams cause things have been crazy in the daytime and my nigh time slumbers haven’t turned out any note-worthy dreams. So, here we go setting the bar to the moon again-

Background: I’m currently working at the LA County Fair as an assistant supervisor for a stingray touch pool. I’m aslo in a long distance relationship with the greatest man on earth, Micah! This is all relavent, I promise.

I come to terms with this dream when I realize I am in a massive warehouse (like, Costco size) and there are these ‘bad men’ who are trying to steal these stingrays to take them to the Black Market and fisheries. Micah and I try to (not kidding here) zip-line into the facility through an open window and beat some guys up. Everything seems to be going our way until somehow (i’m not sure how) we end up outside behind some boxes- like we’re camping out for our next ‘big move’.

Because we failed at our first attempt, my next great plan is to take this little dude who’s been following us around in my dream (though i never remember seeing him until this point) and he looks just like the muppet character from the latest Muppet Movie and put a super long red cap on him. I then proceed to lift him up (with one arm) and chuck him into the air!  He actually starts to fly and banks left before going through the window and into the warehouse. 

Whether that actually did any good or not, i’m not sure because I woke up after that :’(

Bizar? yes. Any ideas as to why I had this dream? No clue.

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Bakery, Kidnapping, and Killer Whales… ?

Dream #398

Age: 22

Background: We’re on a family vacation in Utah and I was up late after our first day on the mountain and I had some carrots and celery before bed. This is what happened…

We lived in a little roundabout across from my older sister, Betsi. In my dream she only had one kid, Jackson, who was about 2 and she owned a bakery- which was right next to her house, which was right next to (of all things) a prison cell. …????

Victoria and I went over to Betsi’s house around 2am to help start making bread and whatnot for the days sells. And the bakery was surrounded by jut houses. no other businesses. Weird?? For some reason, the prison inmates started attack the bakery and the next thing I know Victoria and I are walking around the center of this complex looking over a small green grass hill. Then a kangaroo starts running er- jumping towards us! I know its about to kick so I step in front of Victoria and dodge the shot just as the kangaroo kicks.

Now we’re suddenly in a white pickup truck in the middle of the hallway of one of the prison corridors. The prisoners are running all through the building and trying to get into the car so we lock the doors and as odds would have it neither of us have our phones. totally NOT realistic. I’ve never seen Victoria away from her phone for more than 2 mins ;p

Somehow the commotion is over and everything is taken care of. So we walk to the other side of the prison and (of all things) it opens up to the Atlantic Ocean (? Not Pacific- Atlantic. Somehow we were not in the same place, but on the other side of the country). The water is crystal clear, about 40-45 ft deep and looks like something out of the Land Before Time.

We see these black shapes swimming under us (we’re sitting on a dock) and suddenly I realize they’re Killer Whales!! But, not killer whales. Their fluke looks more like the tail of a sea lion and they’re fatter and have some sort of cryptic writing over their bodies. They swim right up to the side of the dock and i pick up one that’s about 3 feet (that looks totally like a normal killer whale). The biggest one isn’t more than 15ft (also not possible cause it was supposed to be full grown and they can be 30+ ft).  And when they opened their mouth, their teeth were square, yellow, and looked like they belonged to some hill billy!

And then I woke up.


Moral of the story- no more carrots and celery before bed time.

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Almost scuba diving

Dream # 357

Age: 22

I was getting ready to go on a dive with my friend Kristina. The day was odd though. The sky was a yellowish overcast. Like when there is to much smog or smock in a bad movie and the mood is very suspenseful. We were with another man who I don’t know, but seemed to be our ‘leader’.

We got in the water but someone wasn’t there so we were waiting for them, and we were only about 4 feet deep so we were just chilling. What’s funny is, we didn’t have any scuba gear on except for a wet suit. I’m not sure how that works, but its a dream.

Kristina and I talked about a lot of stuff but I don’t remember much except for the last thing. She asked if I had a crush on our mutual friend, and I admitted that I did, and she said good cause so does he.  Its kinda scary to say that I felt myself blush in my dream when she said that.

Anyway, that was about the only crazy part except that the sky was an eerie yellow color and it made the water this dirty red/brown. Don’t know what that means, but aw well ;p

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Invisible Hide and Seek

Dream #355

Age: 22

Last night was the Switchfoot/Anberlin concert. So like all good college students, I took the day off work and drove up to San Fransisco with my friends and was up till 2:30 am when we got back. This is the dream I had that night….

My roommates, Dahria and Cindy, were in it but also the guys who I went to the concert with and my friend Christian.  We were all playing tag. Christian was ‘it’ and Dahria had to go to work or something (I think this was cause I had sorta worken up when she got up this morning, but fell back to sleep). Cindy and I ran through these big glass doors onto a cement stairway leading onto a grass field.  Sitting on the steps was Christian (He must have been a very good “it” *sarcasm). Somehow, Cindy and I had acquired the ability to become invisible! Like the cloaking device from Halo!  We both stopped short of running right over Christian! He didn’t hear us until I pushed a rock off one of the steps by accident. Then he blindly chased us down the steps onto the grass field. He ended up being able to see where we were standing on the grass because of the blades bending under our weight. We spent the rest of my dream joyfully playing the good ‘ol game of tag and just before I woke up, the invisibility wore off. I think that’s why I woke up. Who likes playing Tag when you can see who you’re trying to chase? ;p

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The Most Epic Dream Yet

Dream # 350

Age: 22

Background: I remember a great deal about this dream, but parts are vague so I’m going to fill it in- cause its just that epically awesome. The names I created cause I don’t remember if they even had names in the dream, and it would be to confusing to keep saying “that guy” and “that girl”. So, here is the dream- WARNING, ITS REALLY LONG. SORRY!

He was a shy boy of about 13 years old. Brown hair, blue eyes, and liked to keep quite. Sure he dreamed about adventure, but he never actually did anything. James was a quite soul who preferred to play alone.  He lived in a world where, like ours, there was TV. by the way, this is actually what happened in my dream. this information was like a narrative and also like information i already knew- you now how dreams can be with stuff like that. However, the TVs in this world allowed one to actually enter into the plot and converse with the characters and live out the plot line. A simple device, but profound in its use. the video’s, in physical appearance, actually looked like the old VHS tapes but without the whined-up wheels.

James has just received a video after his breakfast cereal from his concerned Mom who was empathetic to her son’s lack of friends. He placed it into the TV device and pressed his hand against the screen…apparently, this is how one got ‘into’ the action.

She was an outgoing, adventurous girl about 13 years old. Brown hair, bright blue eyes and loving life. She didn’t just dream of adventure, she lived it. And this video was no exception. To top it all off, Kylie was as much of an adventure-seeker as a friend seeker. It was no wonder James liked her from the start. I can’t remember exactly the actual plot of the first movie, but it was something like this… Kylie was the main character. It was an action/adventure movie where she was trying to figure out what the ‘bad guys’ were up to. James came in when she was really close to figuring out the ‘motive’ behind the bad guy’s actions. When she met James, they instantly became friends. He tagged along on some of her detective work and she made sure he had some adventures. Two kids were never better or closer friends in all of history.

They walked into a ware house where the final clue of what was going on was supposed to be. Being as quite as possible, they crawled behind some stacked, cardboard boxes, “I need to tell you something” she said to James, “something big is-” but before she finished, a man at least 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and looking like a secret agent appeared. The kids raced down a hall with the man right behind talking into his radio calling for backup.  Three thoughts went through James’ mind at the same time. The first was what a great adventure he was having, which in turn lead to the second- what a great friend he had found in Kylie. The third was he realized they might actually be in real danger, so he should probably run faster. It was this third thought which brought him out of the ware house and into the back ally- just as the building exploded behind him.

James landed on his back in his living room, staring up at the flames consuming the building he was just running though. He had been thrown out of the movie when the explosion happened, because- She didn’t make it out. He stared at the screen, holding the sides of the TV. Scanning for any evidence of a survivor. Anything to prove the feeling in his stomach to be a lie. That she really did make it out. That she couldn’t have- she was the main character, they’re never the ones that- His mom came in. Tears were in his eyes.

Three days felt like weeks. James never talked and hardly ate. His one friend, whom he’d known for just a few hours, gone. Never to return. The thought made his whole world stop. Until the package arrived. It was nothing fancy, just a simply manila envelope that read “She’s still alive” in a penmanship that made one think it was written in haste. Inside was a video. Faster than light itself, James had the cassette inside the box, the TV on, and his hand against the screen-

It was a mall. 2 stories. A big sales event was going on, so the 2nd floor (where James entered) was crowded with people. James started pushing his way through the crowd, scanning the faces of strangers he’d never met. The hope that Kylie might actually be alive, flaring up inside him with each passing minute. You know that feeling you get when you think you see your best friend in the distance? Especially when its the end of the summer and you haven’t seen them in over 3 months? That’s what James was feeling-except 10 times more strongly cause, she was his only friend (and they don’t fall in love fyi. They’re 13. They’re just really good friends). And then, he spotted her. A girl wearing a tan trench coat (like the one the girl is wearing in that picture on Dahria’s wall in our room), but she had blond hair. James met her eyes and saw the look of recognition flash across her face.

"KYLIE!" he yelled, throwing his hand up in the air. She ducked her head and blotted down the isle in the opposite direction. Without hesitation, James took after her. She ran down the steps, through a security door, took a left turn (by this time James had nearly gained her), took a metal grill of the wall vent, grabbed James as he rounded the corner and before one could blink, they were both inside the vent with the grill safely put back on. No one could see them, and few could hear.

"KYLIE! YOU’RE ALIVE! I can’t believe you’re really still alive! What the heck happened, why aren’t you dead? how come you never tried to reach me?" James couldn’t get his mouth to move fast enough to pour of the endless amount of questions. But Kylie quickly covered his mouth and put a finger to her lips. "We have to be quite. It echos here and we can’t get caught". "Why? What’s going on?" The lighting through the vent was dark, but James could see by her expression, Kylie was in a very serious ‘business-type’ mode. The way one would get if they had a really important mission that only had 1 chance of working and messing up was NOT an option.

" I truly am glad to see you James," she started "But you shouldn’t have come. You’re in very real danger. The characters in these films aren’t what you think they are (James and his ‘non-actor’ world thought those who acted in these films were just like you would think a Hollywood star is. Rich, famous, and living the good like). We’re slaves. All of us kids. We’re working against our will and they torture us if we don’t preform well.” Kylie was one of the best actresses they had, so her beatings were few and fare between, but that couldn’t be said about her friends. “I tried to tell you at the ware house, but we got caught before I had the chance,” Kylie explained that while she was in the last movie, she had been searching for a way to reveal this scheme to the public when she met James. They must have thought he was in on the plot, because they had targeted him and were trying to kill him.

"I thought people like me couldn’t die when we were in films though?" James asked, "Yes, but these men have learned a way around that somehow," came her fast, but quite reply. "They can do whatever they want to anyone, regardless of whether or not you’re an actor. They’ve found ways around the system. That’s why I had to fake my death. They wanted you only because they thought you were helping me. By faking my death, I was hoping they would leave you alone and i could bring them down because they would stop looking for me too. I died my hair and tried to disguise myself so they wouldn’t find me.”

Kylie admits she’s actually really glad to see James and they join forces to try and free some of her friends before making a break for it. If they can get outside the ‘video world’ (the wold in which the video was filmed), the actors will be able to leave the video for good and go back James’ world as free citizens.

I can’t remember how, and this is getting to be a really long blog anyway, but somehow the two manage to get one of Kylie’s friends before they get caught. We’ll pick it up just after that happens- The three friends are running down a white hallway with the top dog, main bad guys (the Directer of the whole slave-video world) racing behind them. Kylie comes to a door with a big red sign reading EXIT on it and pushes it open. The gang spills out onto a grassy hill underneath a starry sky. For a moment, all seems quite, still, and peaceful. Then the Director (bad-guy) comes racing out of the hallway, sees Kylie staring at the stars (its the first time she’s actually seen real starts) and points a gun to her head, “This time girl, I’m going to make sure you die!”. “No wait!” she cries, “Please, don’t do this. Don’t shoot. Not for me, but for James,” she points towards him. The remaining kids are so shocked by what’s happening they’re unable to move- including James. “Don’t make him go through the pain of losing me again,” Kylie says with such honesty and compassion it would make the greatest poet cry. “Don’t make him hurt the way I did again. Please”. Kylie didn’t appear scared or worried at all by the 9 millimeter barrel starring her down. Her concern was for her friend, and the Director knew it. “OK” he said as he pointed the gun to his new target, “I won’t”. He pulled the trigger and watched as James fell to the ground. “I’ll save him from it,” was the Director’s final comment as a nasty grin spread across his face.

I can’t believe it, but I don’t remember how they took the Director down. I think it was because i was so shocked that he actually shot James that I just don’t remember. Anyway, somehow the Director goes down shortly after shooting James, so we’ll just pick it up from there. Kylie and the others all gather around James. James is lying on the his back holding his left shoulder. Luckily, the bullet only hit flesh, and James was going to be fine. Kylie, tears in her eyes from the joy of relief, shakes her head in disbelief. The group of friend smile at one another and then laugh at their new found freedom.

The camera pulls back, the scene fades black, and I wake up.

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Speacial Ops Dad

Dream #346

Age: 21

I don’t know where this dream came from. But it was pretty epic.

We were at war with this alien race. Our last hope was this super powerful gun which (go figure) was behind the alien enemy lines. So, Greg, David, Adriel, and my Dad take their machine guns, ray guns, some swords for good measure, and a lot of camo-paint and head out for their mission impossible.

Meanwhile, I was doing everything in my power to help them but for some reason couldn’t actually get to them. The next thing I know, I’m climbing into this tree that had the form of an open hand. If you put your elbow on a table and open your palm up with your fingers relaxed- paint yourself a tree color and you’re looking at the image inside me head. Once I get atop this tree/hand thing, I can see that the search party is walking into the broken down stone city. And right into a trap.

My Dad is the leader of the scout party and they’re walking through some abandoned buildings (if you’ve ever played Call of Duty, it looks like one of those beat up cities) when suddenly this huge plum of alien wasps shoots into the sky! The aliens look like the flying things form Halo 2/3 and they’re forming into this mushroom cloud!

I’m holding onto this thick hand/tree limb getting super upset cause there is nothing i can do and no gun can kill the alien wasps. THEN! (i swear I don’t do acid or anything like that-) The branch i’m holding onto talks! Like, in human voice!. Suddenly, i realize there are 5 thick tree branches that are pointed to the sky- like a tree hand thingy. And each one has a face and the one closest to me was speaking. He said something about where to find the gun, but the next thing I remember is that my Dad actually had it. So-

Somehow my Dad magically gets this gun. It looks like a thick, metal, working glove that covers most of ones forearm. If you’ve ever played Halo 3 and used the gun that looks like a glove and shoots a continuous beam of yellow/orange energy, you’ll know what I mean. My Dad shoots the wasp alien things and, basically, an atomic explosion occurs and wipes out 98% of them! The rest are easily picked off by Greg, David, and Adriel.

And then I wake up.
My Dad is amazing!

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Gene and the Eagle

Dream #2

Age 10.

I had this dream shortly after my last dream of rescuing my eagle. Its pretty short

I was in my room and had just rubbed a lamp and standing before me was a gene that looked very similar to the Gene from Aladdin, but he wasn’t the same. He asked me my wish and I told him I wanted to have a bald eagle big enough to ride. The gene then did some sort of dance and ended with his arms extended out to his sides at shoulder length.  “Go out side” was what he said after.

This dream took place in my old house on C Ave. We had a huge front yard that was perfect for playing games when we were kids.

When I got outside, before me stood a styrofoam eagle with a wingspan of 20ft! At each tip of the wing stood a zoo keeper. One holding a hawk, the other a falcon. Confused I looked at the gene and he said “Oh! I didn’t put my hand up high enough! I was supposed to put them over my head instead of just shoulder height”.

And then I woke up. Yes. it’s one of the more odd ones.

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Rescuing the Eagle

Dream #1

This is a dream I had when I was about 10 years old. I’ve always been obsessed with trying to fly, and after jumping off the back of the couch for two years, I came to grips with the fact that humans just can’t fly (why God?). So, I moved on to the next logical solution- figure out something I could ride that would make it feel like I was flying.
After watching The Rescuers Down Under, where they had a giant bald eagle- well, you can fill in the rest. That is the background to my dreams of eagles. I’ve had a few. This is my first.

I and my friend Sharayah had just received a ransom note that my giant bold eagle had been stolen and if I ever wanted to see him again, I’d have to fight to the death. I was told that he was in a location “unknown to any but his captor”. So (like all good dreams) Sharayah and I found out that this ‘secret location’ wasn’t that secret after all. How? I don’t remember. All I remember is that one minute we’re reading this note, and the next she and I just jumped down from a helicopter onto the 2nd story balcony of this palace that had a sand-stone wrap around porch, sorta thing. It looked like an Arabian castle. The color of the stone and all was a pale tan and had tile flooring. It was a square formation with the inside having no ceiling, but one could walk around the outside of it from the second story. It was probably about half a football filed from side to side.

Sharayah and I land on this balcony; thinking we’re incognito, I walk about 3 steps forward onto the porch facing the inside of the palace. Suddenly, there are big, muscly, bad guys flying in on hang-gliders (i’ve always wanted to ride one) and they land on the deck just across from us. A little known fact, i’ve always wanted to do some form of martial arts, and even though I started training when I was 18, the passion was there when I was 10. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you what happens next. The bad guys come at us and with just a few kicks, elbows, and some cool flipping of dudes over the side of the stone railing, we run on past in search of my bald eagle.

Next, Sharayah and I are in a small room and I have these massive binoculars that can see through walls! I’ve located my eagle and he’s tied to a stake that is about to be lowered into a large river of lava!

And then i wake up. X(    But this is no way to end a story- and he was a really cool eagle, so let’s finish it up, shall we?

After Sharayah and I realize the gravity of the situation (did I mention the eagle was being guarded by huge animal-men? Like, they had heads of animals but bodies of humans?) We formulate a very sophisticated plan- charge in, way last to everyone, and escape on the back of my eagle! (Remember, I am 10 when I ‘“finished” this dream). Sharayah throws some charges up against the wall and we blaze in there with fists of fury and doge bullets and molten lava as we beat all the animal-people to a pulp, free my eagle, climb atop his back and fly off into the Arabian sunset. And return home just in time for dinner!